Welcome to Mussar-Psych!

It is with great pleasure and thanks to the supportive folks at Torah.Org that I welcome you to Mussar-Psych!

While this site is brand new, the ideas that we will discuss here are, hopefully, not new at all, but a rediscovery of the central theme of the human mission; to take the raw material called each of us and to become as G-dlike as possible over the span of time He has allotted for us to do so.
This is discussed extensively in Torah sources and it is the mission of this site to help make those sources accessible by translating them into contemporary language and applying them to current challenges and opportunities.
Every generation calls for its own unique Mussar, and this site, both in medium (classical Mussar was probably not studied on the Web) and in message (classical Mussar was studied in very different conditions than those we are experiencing today) is an attempt to present and discuss today’s Mussar.
I am pleased that you are here and I hope that you will join me through your comments, questions and shared learning in our mission to make Mussar alive in our lives.
With blessings,
Rabbi Ephraim David Becker, Ph.D.
For an introduction to Mussar, click on, well, Introduction!

4 Responses to Welcome to Mussar-Psych!

  1. Boruch Smith says:

    Dear Ephraim

    I wish you much הצלחה with this new project.

    Be blessed

  2. Micha Berger says:

    Rabbi Becker (or, given the name of this blog, should I call you Reb Ephraim David?),

    Hatzlachah rabba on this endevor. Now that I found your blog, I will be eagerly anticipating pearls of wisdom from you…


  3. Yaakov says:

    I would like to ask Dr. becker a personal question. Could you send me his e-mail?

  4. E.D.Becker says:

    Rabbi Becker can be reached on edbecker@torah.org.

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