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Definitions of Maturity: The Torah and the Nickelodean Street

The TV company, Nickelodeon, recently wanted to promote a new TV series (Wendell and Vinnie) which features a man whose life circumstances force him into ‘maturity.’ In conjunction with the new series, Nickelodeon commissioned a study to find out what … Continue reading

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The Difference between Mussar and Self-Improvement

What is the difference between Mussar and other forms of personal growth? I’ve been asked any number of times how Mussar differs from Covey, Pransky, Positive Psychology and a host of other self-improvement programs and concepts.  You may find yourself … Continue reading

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Mussar and the Force of Gravity

Human beings have always attempted to push against the limits imposed on them by their nature, but we seem to have few tools for doing so when the nature we are dealing with is internal. We try to build buildings … Continue reading

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Introduction to Mussar – the Real, the Ideal and the Process

               Mussar is the term for describing the lifelong endeavor to make a human being ever more Godlike.  In order to facilitate that endeavor, Mussar employs many tools.  The first tool is accurate description of the human being; his strengths … Continue reading

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