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Learning about the Torah’s perspective

Years ago, I was exposed to Cooperative Learning, an approach to structuring instruction such that students learn with and from one another. The students need one another to complete their tasks and they share in the challenge and the success … Continue reading

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The Perfect Present

Many readers are familiar with the lovely book by Dr. Spencer Johnson, The Precious Present. In it a person learns to be happy by acknowledging that the present is perfect. There are two assumptions made by the book, and there … Continue reading

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The Owner

When a salesman calls to make a product recommendation, he wants to know that he is speaking with the person who can make the purchasing decision. He does not want to waste his efforts making his pitch to someone who … Continue reading

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There is a popular old legend that a person only uses a fraction of his brain. There does not seem to be any science behind this myth, but the idea that we have more capacity than we are aware of … Continue reading

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Yom Kippur and the Spiritual Smorgasbord

Yom Kippur Smorg I hope that you find that this short class enhances your Yom Kippur experience! With warm wishes for a Gmar Chasima Tova, Rabbi Ephraim Becker

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Audio classes now available

Yeshiva Ohr Avraham, under the guidance of Rav Mordechai Sher, has posted a number of talks which I delivered at the Yeshiva.  They can be downloaded at no charge at the following link: Shiurim of Rabbi Ephraim Becker Thank you, … Continue reading

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